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Mattucci Residence

Friday, February 28th, 2020

Homeowner: Mark Mattucci
Architect: Withers C. Adkins
Year: 1963
Location: Farragut, TN

The home was originally designed and built for Mr. Gerald Ray and Mrs. Janie Guinn in 1963. The architect, Withers C. Adkins, was the chief architect of TVA’s Division of Engineering Design. He moonlighted on the side, designing homes to earn money for his own custom home, which still exists in Sequoyah Hills. 

Mr. Guinn, an engineer at Lockheed Martin, bought a large plot of land in the Farragut Heights Subdivision and built his house at the top of the parcel, overlooking Knoxville. He built and sold off other parcels, designing Mid-Century inspired houses, including a house for his son down the hill from his own. A craftsman in his own right, the home has many features designed and built by Mr. Guinn.

The house was expanded greatly in the 80’s; the renovation replicated the classic roof lines and included a large master bedroom and bathroom suite, a full kitchen remodel, an additional mudroom and an expanded south entrance. The family room was changed dramatically with a reconstructed fireplace to the east wall and the addition of a covered sun porch with terrazzo floor. The garage was also expanded to include a work space and separate flower potting area for Mrs. Guinn.

The house was sold to the 2nd owner, a designer and long-time Mid Century enthusiast in November 2018 and he is currently in the middle of renovations and mechanical upgrades for preservation. 

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