Thank you to everyone involved with Barkitecture 2022!

All thanks to the hard work of Sarah Peacock (Barkitecture Committee Chair), our amazing Barkitecture Teams, our partners at Young-Williams Animal Center, WorkSpace Interiors (Barkitecture Sponsor) and our lovely auction winners, AIA East Tennessee was able to give $1,272 to help provide housing for our furry friends at Young-Williams Animal Center! This is the largest amount to date that we have donated to Young-Williams!

If you would like us to help double our impact next year, sign up to build a house for one of our furry friends in 2023! Sign-Ups for 2023 have been extended until December 31st!

2022 Entries

Sponsored by:

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How it works:

  • Pull together a team of designers, builders, animal lovers, and other interested individuals. 
  • Design and build a doghouse or a cat tree.
  • Your team will be paired with a business, where your creation will be displayed.  Deliver your abode and let the bidding begin!
  • Collect awards for CATegory champions and help Young-Williams raise some DOGgone money for their efforts.
  • See your creation provide joy for an animal!

Critical Considerations:

  • Your structure should be able to fit (whole or for assembly) through a standard 34” door.
  • You will need to deliver your structure to its display site.
  • You may need to assist the buyer of your structure in transporting it from the display site or provide them an assembly diagram.  
  • Materials matter—both for moving and for Most Sustainable Design!  What can you keep out of a landfill as you create your structure?
  • If your pet house is for exterior shelter, it should meet these requirements: It must have at least three sides and a weatherproof roof; have a solid level floor raised at least two inches from the ground and be adequately ventilated; it must provide shelter from wind, rain, sun, extreme weather conditions and the elements at all times (Knox County Code of Ordinances, Sec. 6-44).


June 1st: Registration opens

Dec. 31st: Registration deadline

Feb. 26th: Pet houses complete and ready to deliver

March 4th: Mardi Growl

March 4th – 12th: Online auction/voting live

TBD: Winners of auction and awards announced


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Do You Have Questions?

Please e-mail Sarah Peacock at [email protected] or call (865) 934-1915, extension 221.  

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